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Over the last decade or so, significant changes have taken place in the digital world which have, in turn, impacted the way businesses are conducted. One area which has been particularly impacted is: generating quality business leads on a regular basis.

Crazy Rise was born out of a need to help businesses (especially small and medium companies) in accelerating their growth by generating leads for them, that too without requiring them to make substantial investments.

Crazy Rise is the culmination of a long journey of knowledge and experience

The founders of Crazy Rise bring with them over a decade of experience in various domains such as digital marketing, lead generation, website design, business automation, online businesses and client servicing. Their various stints in the corporate world, first as senior executives and then as founder-entrepreneurs, laid the foundation for setting up Crazy Rise, a service search engine which matches service seekers (clients) with companies providing various services.

Crazy Rise is the culmination of a long journey of knowledge and experience across various companies. The founders of Crazy Rise have previously established the following companies:

Crazy Rise UK

Founded in 2020, Crazy Rise UK and Crazy Rise Australia are online portals which offer a range of services including removals (home, office and furniture); home maintenance (cleaning, gardening and handyman services); storage & warehousing; digital and social media marketing; website design; and printing services. Through our wide range of online services, we strive to help clients in achieving their business goals in an effective and affordable way.


Founded in 2014, PrintYo offers bespoke and high-quality printing services to clients from diverse industries in the UK and Australia. The company’s services cover commercial prints,   prints and promotional prints which enables it to serve a wide range of clients, from small-scale startups to large companies.


Founded in 2008, Logicsofts is an IT service provider offering a range of services such as web design, development, digital marketing, mobile apps, IT consultancy and IT support, and cloud services. In 2016, Logicsofts set up its sales office in  , Australia.

Our founders have well-rounded international

Our founders, Suny Khurana and Abhay Khurana, have a cumulative experience of more than two decades in digital marketing and SEO, lead generation and website design. Their experience encompasses technical, commercial and marketing aspects which, in turn, helps in delivering superior customer service to their clients.

Suny Khurana

Suny Khurana

With a background in science, Suny’s expertise lies in managing technical aspects of the business such as web development and business automation. He also spearheads initiatives to explore new ventures and business ideas. Suny graduated from Middlesex University London, UK.

Abhay Khurana

Abhay Khurana

With a background in commerce, Abhay’s expertise lies in numbers. He is adept at setting up targets and achieving them. Abhay manages the marketing aspects of the business, particularly digital marketing activities such as SEO, social media and pay-per-click (PPC).

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